Why do we focus on vets?

Our family has always been a pet family. Over the past 15 years we have had 2 Yorkshire Terriers, a mixed breed adopted from the shelter, an English Crème Golden, and a Coton De Tulear. Whether it was Buddy, Abby, Vegas, Gracie, or Oliver our pets have always been a core part of our family. They have been treasured companions for us and for our children. Sadly, along the way, they have each needed the expert care and compassion of a veterinarian and their extended teams, whether it be for seizures, pancreatitis, cancer, a torn ACL (3 of those), or most recently poisoning from sugar free gum.

It was late last year (actually Christmas week) when our Oliver, our Coton, managed to get into a pack of sugar free gum that had fallen out of a book bag and onto the floor. Luckily enough “mom” was home and saw first hand as the convulsions started, using quick thinking, she rushed him immediately to the hospital, where they began the long process of saving his life. Sitting in the room on the second day, we decided as a family that we would come up with a way to give back to veterinarian community.

To do so, we decided to launch a dedicated effort Vet Card Services, a division of Dental Card Services, Alliance, LLC designed to help veterinarians save money by reducing the costs they pay for credit card processing.